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New Digs Part II: The Living and the Eating

We’re back with a second post of photos of the new apartment. Last week you saw where the magic happens, so now we’ll direct you where we eat, watch tv, and play games. ┬áKeri’s making me write this intro because I’ve only posted like twice, but that’s okay, I wanted to post something anyway:P.

Our living room is divided into two parts. The first is the dining area/musical instrument room, where we eat and store my musical instruments. The record player also lives here, and is now fully functional thanks to my newly found electrical wiring skills i picked up this summer while learning to rewire my guitar.  The second and most important part of the living area is the entertainment area with the couch and television and gaming devices. This is where we relax and watch tv and play video games. Anyway, this has gone on for long enough, enjoy the pictures!

The title pic is our interior front door. We don’t use it much, but we thought we’d show you.

Dining/Music Room


Looking into the living room


Living Room #1




Game Shelves


Book Case


And now for the kitchen. As evidenced by the blaring light, we have no kitchen curtains. This kitchen is 2 or 3 times the size of the last one.


The half-bath/laundry room:

The sun room: Very messy at the moment and stores things, like Keri’s bike. And copious amounts of cardboard that needs to be taken out.


And finally, the deck! It will one day have nice outdoor furniture. And hopefully a grill.





Temporary Seating


One of our views, towards Lake Whitney




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