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Hello All!

Since, the last post I have been unemployed, currently working part-time at Old Navy and now we have a new apartment! Its this great rent house in a ridiculously awesome little neighborhood. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have full windows! Life was rough in the basement apartment (just kidding, ‘ wasn’t too bad). Even though this move was across town, rather than across country, it was awful. We were so sore and lucky to have moved in over Labor Day weekend. In other news, I’ve become a bike commuter. ┬áIts about a 5 mile ride round trip on the canal, a greenspace set aside for recreation. The canal is a little less than a mile from our house and it runs directly behind Old Navy. Anyway, on to the purpose of today’s post- the apartment. I decided to do a photo blog in two parts, because the place is so big and there are a lot of pictures. This will be a before and after of the 3rd floor of the duplex, which is our bedroom, office spaces and the full bath.

So our new apartment is the second and third floors of a 3-story duplex. This is our awesome staircase to the bedroom, full bath and our offices. This was taken before we moved our stuff in, and we’ve put Kixie’s crate under the stairs.

Stamp at the top of the staircase banister.

Bedroom before and after:



Empty Closets

Her Closet

Storage and His Closet

The full bathroom: it has lots of weird angle so the pictures are kind of boring. And now there’s toothbrushes and hairdryers and stuff in there.

Our offices! The giant window is a huge improvement over my former closet office. As you can see, Nicholas still hasn’t unpacked his office stuff. Also, his desk fit perfectly in the living room of the tiny old apartment, so we will being selling this corner desk eventually for something more awesome. This is our storage/extra space near the stairs. Also, we will hang art work and posters and such eventually.That’s all for now, but I’ll leave you all with a picture of Kixie in her new space!

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