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Well, as you can see, graduation day was very rainy. Luckily it wasn’t actually raining durin the Master’s ceremony (we ducked out as soon as I walked, so I don’t know about undergrad). The downside was livefeed links didn’t work, the ceremony was cut short so we weren’t actually hooded, and it was kind of a jumbled mess. You see, we weren’t in alphabetical order, just by college, so in the video below you will just have to listen for my name. Oh! And we were late getting started. We were told we would march out at 9:45, and we didn’t leave the holding tank (gym) until well after 10. Then we walked like 1/4 mile to the football field. Official pics will be sent to your email from the photographer at the event!

More pics and video after the jump!

Ashley, Stephanie, Jennifer and me

The good thing about not being in alphabetical order was being able to sit with friends. We are the Dream Team! The only four in the Community Psych Program with the Program Development Concentration. Mike (our advisor and professor) dubbed us The Dream Team.

Still Waiting

Nicholas live tweeted the event. For those not on twitter, this is what he observed while waiting on the shindig to get rolling:Here’s Nic’s point of view of me walking. Tents were put up to protect faculty and diploma’s from the rain, so you can’t really see anything :) :

Graduation Walk

And I have my Master’s!

Grad gifts: Money and card from Mom and Dad (with which I bought a fabulous purple dress), and Bossypants and a Broken Bells album from Nicholas

We then celebrated with a heavenly brunch at Georgie’s and gifts!

  1. norma on Monday 16, 2011

    Loved the pictures!!! you looked so pretty!