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Snow days

As you’ve probably heard from us or the news, New England has been getting a lot of snow. This may be a record year for snowfall, with another foot or so falling tomorrow. I really like it-except the havoc it wreaks on driving and parking, as if those two things needed any help in CT. The title pick is the Quinnipiac River covered in snow- It’s very lovely.

Last year we managed to get through winter without buying a snow shovel. After the first big snow we used a lid from a large rubbermaid container. I left Nicholas to finish shoveling and he thinks he left it on the snow which was then covered when the plows came through. The second snow a neighbor let us borrow their shovel. Last year there were 2 snows that required major shoveling, so far this winter there have been three-and February is usually when CT gets the most snow! I really enjoy shoveling the snow though. It’s the first¬†activity¬†that I’ve come across that makes you feel like a super hero and a wimp simultaneously.

Before and After pics after the jump



While walking Kixie around the apartment complex, I took these the morning after a big snow.

That little bit of green on the snow? That's the top of one of the park benches at Hamden Centre.

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