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NYC-a quick visit

Hello! Over 4th of July weekend, Nicholas and I decided to take the train from New Haven to New York City. We hadn’t been yet (even though I’d been trying for months), but we finally went for a quick trip just to walk around and see what it is like. No plans. Next time, we will have plans :) It was great just walking around. Central Park is huge, nice, and beautiful. The same thing can be said about Grand Central Station, where we arrived. We made a quick stop at the NBC store which is awesome! We didn’t buy anything, but loved the Parks and Recreation, House, and Saved By The Bell items. The CBS store is depressing in comparison, the size of a bodega.

There were three celebrity sightings! We happened upon a group of people waiting outside what appeared to be the line for Promises, Promises, a musical on Broadway. We heard one of the people across the street from the lines say they were waiting on “some girl to come out”, which could only mean one person: Kristin Chenowith! She is starring in Promises, Promises with Sean Hayes from Will and Grace. We saw both of them, which was pretty cool. Later, at dinner in Grand Central Station, another actor (Fran Kranz) entered the restaurant and sat behind us. We were giggly, and snapped blurry pictures. He also got on our train right in front of us! It is embarrassing to admit, but we were star-struck.

Here are a few pics after the jump; hope you enjoy. Nicholas has more on his Facebook page, though I will try to get him to post them as well.

Carousel in Bryant Park

Good Morning America Studios on Times Square

Horse-drawn Carriage

Interior of St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Violinist at Central Park

Grand Central Station’s Ceiling

That’s it for now! I will try to upload more later, it took me forever to upload these.

  1. mom on Sunday 18, 2010

    hey we just saw the pictures they were great .we loved them can’ t wait to see more