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Pics and an evening in Providence


Sorry it’s been a while since the last post. Mostly just work and school for us lately, though we did go to Providence, Rhode Island to see the Swell Season in concert. It was amazing! The concert was in a really old theater with quirky paintings of various artists. We had nosebleed seats though :( We did hear all of the music though!

Providence is the cutest place! I loved it. If I am ever missing, I could probably be found there. It’s only a couple of hours away and I much prefer the drivers there to those in this part of Connecticut. Here are a few pics from the last few weeks and some from the trip to Providence. Enjoy!

Pics after the jump…

securedownloadKix enjoying one of the cookies Holly sent. This was the most terrifying picture, I accidentally deleted the cute ones.

securedownloadsecuredownloadOur Halloween costumes! Nicholas was the policeman from the Village People, and I’m Melanie Daniels from Hitchcock’s The Birds. That’s Nic at a diner in West Haven.

securedownloadMy cafe Americano from a really nice coffee shop in Providence. I can’t remember the name anymore…but the coffee was excellent!

And now for some pics of downtown Providence:

securedownloadThe white building in the background is Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, the concert venue.

securedownloadA really cool shopping area. There were some great little shops we went into that had really fancy, fun stuff. There was also this used bookstore with really obscure books and some sort of local artists bazaar. Poor Nicholas couldn’t handle the crowd though, so we left. But I want to go back!

securedownloadThe restaurant we ate at was on the first floor of this hotel. Amazing seafood!

securedownloadsecuredownloadOn the way home we saw a sign for Tim Hortons! Tim Horton’s is a donut chain in Canada that is supposed to be amazing, and there happened to be one in Rhode Island. Needless to say we stopped. Here’s Nic with his little coffee!

securedownloadAnd my new hat! Not from Providence, just the GAP…securedownload

  1. mom norma on Monday 16, 2009

    thanks so much for sharing with us. I think shopping in RI would be great fun.

  2. luna on Monday 16, 2009

    whee tim hortons! josh is always raving about their coffee, so on our way back from pittsburgh we found one in ohio and stopped. :) providence looks so…picturesque. like the quintessential new england town. gahh i want to live up there so bad!

  3. Holly on Monday 16, 2009

    Nick looks like he belongs on Reno 911 in his police man uniform :)