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Pizza & Peanut Butter: Separate But Equal

We went to Eli’s Brick Oven Pizza Saturday night to celebrate…well, the family’s children’s birthday next to us apparently. Really, they were soo loud.

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Luckily the pizza was so good it was easy to forget about the noisy table. The pizza here is unlike any other pizza i’ve eaten. it’s so airy and delicious and everything you would expect from food on the coast. It’s  so light, crisp and salty, you just have to try it for yourself. (I heard somewhere that planes leave for this area every day.)

In other food related news, I FOUND MY FAVORITE PEANUT BUTTER OF ALL TIME!!!!


After the great peanut butter recall of 2007, my delicious Peter Pan Honey Roast CRUNCHY peanut butter disappeared from stores shelves. Everyone still carried the creamy version, but the crunchy was harder to find than a good Tyler Perry movie. (J’k, i’ve never seen a Tyler Perry Movie). I wonder if i should stock up now that i’ve finally found it??? who knew it was hiding in Connecticut all this time???

The last pic is of our leftover pizza which we enjoyed for breakfast the next morning.


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  1. Keri on Wednesday 7, 2009

    Man, that family was so loud. You can see a baby bottle in the background of the first pizza pic :P

    The onions on that pizza were so delicious!

  2. mom on Wednesday 7, 2009

    yes peanut butter is a good reason to move to CT. Who knew?

  3. luna on Wednesday 7, 2009

    OMG. send me some of that peanut butter, please…