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Midterms and a birthday

My days are filled with studying and writing for midterms. The picture at right shows you what that looks like :)

Things are pretty intense right now: new job, midterms, working on a thesis topic, and SCRA panel formation. Busy, busy, busy, but I love it.

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I like my job. I usually come home smelling like holiday candles though. Kixie always smells my clothes and then starts sneezing. Speaking of Kixie, she got really scared the other night. We had the kitchen window open and I was sitting on the floor playing Left for Dead with Nicholas. She saw someone walk by from her chair, gave a half-hearted bark, jumped down with her hackles raised, ran to me and tried to get in my lap! I think she was half-asleep and that’s why she got so scared but it was funny.

Today is my Dad’s birthday! Happy birthday, Dad! Here is a cake, which I did not bake:

Hope you have a great birthday and enjoy your presents when they arrive!! We love you!

  1. Dad on Tuesday 6, 2009

    I like my cake. It looks yummy.