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Favorite Things Part 1

Since moving to Connecticut one month ago, I have started to compile a mental list of some my favorite things about living in Connecticut. (there is also a growing list of least favorite things…) We’ve already started the daily routine thing, work, eat, play, sleep, repeat, and it’s quite nice here. Though I don’t think I can fairly judge the state of CT without living through at least one harsh winter first.

B-T-Dubs, the main photo is from turkey-burger night! another fave of mine that has nothing to do with CT. It was served with one of my favorite sides…Sun Chips.

My Favorite Things About Living in Connecticut (Thus far):

  1. Work: I like my job. It’s challenging, will give me a ton of experience that will be invaluable in the future and it pays well. It is more than I have ever made, but with the cost of living here in CT, it pretty much evens out to what i made back home. My official title is Jr. Web Developer, and my job is to build web sites large and small and have them rank well in google. There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the gist.
  2. The accents: Everyone sounds like they’re from an episode of the sopranos…how ya doin??
  3. Our Apartment Complex: It’s really nice. It’s set back and hidden from the road. It has a nice open area with picnic tables and grills, and is really pet friendly. It was the only apartment complex we found that catered to pets up to 80lbs.
  4. Cities Per Square Mile:I think it’s neat that our GPS found 44 towns in a 20 mile radius from our apartment. How weird is that? they range from 11,000ish (orange, ct and derby, ct) to over 100,000ish in population (New Haven, CT). Back home it’s city – 30 miles of trees – anudder city – 30 miles of trees, etc. but here it’s city – city – city – city.
  5. Hamden, CT: That’s right, our new home town. So far it’s a really great town. It’s population is 55,000ish and it is just down the road from Yale and Downtown New Haven. The best part is probably the recreational possibilities here. A couple weeks ago we hiked sleeping giant state park, and soon we will go to edgewood park down the road, which is supposed to have a dog run. We were going to go last Sunday but it rained all day.
  6. STORES!!!!: Last and certainly not least are the many retail stores and awesome restaurants that are all within 5 miles. ahem…
    • Target
    • Best Buy
    • Barnes and Noble
    • Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks (there are 11 in our area, probably more)
    • Panera Bread Co. (tried it for the first time the other night. yummy!)
    • Petsmart & Petco
    • Kohls (keri’s favorite)
    • Thai Taste – A Thai restaurant in new haven.
    • Chili’s (We were craving something familiar that night)
    • Taco King – a delicious little mexican place down the road ran by asian people
    • The Brownstone – great little breakfast and lunch diner close to taco king
    • Banana Republic
    • Old Navy
    • The Gap
    • and MOST BeST PlaCe EvEr!!! IKEA!

    Back home we had to travel an hour or more to enjoy these fine shops, but no more! Sorry i’m still a little excited.

I’ll end with a photo of kixie. Her presence has been requested…


  1. mom on Thursday 1, 2009

    I miss turkey burgers.