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Moving To Connecticut

Hey blog-readers,

This is our first post! We started this blog so that our family and friends can keep up with us while we are living in Connecticut. Keri and I recenly moved to Hamden, CT from Arkansas traveling a hefty 1,458 miles over 3 days in August (’09). I know those reading this want to see photos of the new apartment if only to see what nearly $1000 bucks a month will get you in Connecticut (not much…about 525 sq ft. ) Maybe the next blog will be about what I could rent in Arkansas for $1000 a month.

This blog, however, contains photos of some of the beautiful scenery between Arkansas and Connecticut. I managed to snap a few shots, but it was a hassle trying to take pictures at 55mph in a 16′ moving truck while towing my car behind me.

What are some of your favorite scenic spots? Let us know in the comments below!

More photos in the post…





Above: Virginia is a really beautiful state. This one was taken during a lunch stop at Taco Bell.




Above: notice the guard tower in the background of this one. It’s a large prison!

IMG_3750Above: A lot of the beautiful scenery was enhanced by deliciousness :)

  1. mom on Tuesday 15, 2009

    hey great pictures can’t wait to see more and hear abuot ct and see pictures of your apartment

  2. mom-norma on Tuesday 15, 2009

    I love this blog love the pictures. Great idea

  3. luna on Tuesday 15, 2009

    wow! so beautiful! josh and i drove up to pittsburgh with two of our friends from here in austin in june and it was SUCH a scenic drive! :)