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Yale lecture series

I attended a lecture at Yale this Friday. It was about Youth Rights Media, a non-profit that empowers young people through various forms of media such as documentaries, murals, and small news events. The young people who are involved get to choose what they want their project to be about, then they learn the skills necessary to produce and put together documentaries or put on events. Often the awareness that their efforts raise about issues in the community begin to affect school, local, or state policies: though it takes a considerable amount of time. The documentary that was shown was about kids being suspended for MINOR things and being pushed into alternative schools that are bleak at best. Kids were going to school board members and principals, asking about suspension policy and finding out (eventually) that only 16% of all suspensions were for things that kids should be suspended for, while over 41% was for chewing gum, or wearing coats; arbitrary school policies that should not result in suspension. After this film was made, schools are now required to report all suspensions as well as the reasons for them. This information is then readily available to anyone who wishes to view them on the states board of education web site. The documentary reminded me a bit of the grant I worked on at SAU, using media to raise awareness about various social issues. It’s great to see local social policy and non-profits using the theories I’m studying right now.

In other news, Kix has been sick a couple of times this week, though she is feeling fine now. Here is a pic of our favorite plant that she ate while I was in class and Nic was at work.IMG_4143We loved that plant :( Oh well, that just means another trip to Ikea in the future! Our Basil plant is thriving right now. This is what it looked like last week:IMG_4144The stalks are a bit taller now, but it will be several weeks before we can eat any.

That’s all for now! I hope everyone is well :)

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