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A lazy weekend

We’ve been pretty lazy thus far this weekend:)

The apartment complex had a cookout last night here for Hamden Centre and Dogwood Hills (the other complex owned by Tarragon). Yummy food, door prizes, and meeting new neighbors. We didn’t win anything, but met Jamie who teaches kindergarten and her boyfriend goes to UNH. They own a gorgeous husky. In other puppy news, there are five Yorkshire terriors at our complex. Duke, who lives a couple of doors down with his owner, Harry, is buddies with Kix.

More about our weekend below…

Our day started with breakfast of blueberry muffins, turkey sausage, and grapes. Walked the dog an ran errands at the same time this morning. ┬áThen I read books for the rest of the dayday (just started Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” and it is so good!).

We went to North Haven to go to Target and eat at Panera Bread. Yummy sandwiches! Let’s see, then we went to Barnes and Noble where I read the first 12 chapters of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies while Nicholas studied AJAX or something…

Tomorrow I have to read for school and work on an SPSS assignment… I won’t bore anyone with stats talk, so don’t worry :) I have midterms coming up in a couple of weeks, so I won’t be doing to much free time type stuff.

I should here back on Monday or Tuesday from Pier 1 about the job. I hope I get it just because I need the money!

Well, that’s all for now. Will update later this week!

  1. mom on Saturday 26, 2009

    hey it sounds like you three had lots of fun .let me hear from you when you hear from per1

    Holly is jealous about per1, Tell Nicholas and kixie hi for us