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Exploring and…Books!

Nicholas and I went to explore downtown New Haven last Saturday. The area is so nice, lots of shops and restaurants. The architecture is beautiful! There are several old churches around the Green that are particularly gorgeous. We basically just walked around after finding free parking :) It was really nice outside and I love hearing so many languages in one place.

We stumbled upon a place called Gourmet Haven, which had lots of snack type foods and drinks. There was also a buffet with yummy looking things that you could get to-go or eat at one of the tables in the back or upstairs. Then we stopped by Cutler’s, a record shop that has been downtown since the ’20s or ’30s. They had mostly cds now, but a pretty good collection of used an new records too. We walked by, but refrained from going into the joint Yale Bookstore/Barnes an Noble. If we did that, poor Nicholas would never had eaten dinner. It was huge! I’m going back when I have a whole day to spend. We went to a couple of other stores and I found some boots I want.

Mostly we just took lots of pictures and scouted out some new restaurants. Here are some pics from downtown and Yale:

IMG_4114The brown and greenish building in the background is City Hall.

IMG_4116The New Haven Green

IMG_4120A neat gargoyle at Yale

IMG_4126IMG_4127Yale’s Beinecke Rare Book And Manuscript Library. And me, very happy to be there.

IMG_4132An Indian restaurant that we almost chose for dinner. Mamoun’s Falafel House and three Thai places became the final options. We had Thai at a restaurant picked for it’s decor… Mmmm, green curry and pad thai!IMG_4139Atticus Books and Coffee! We were waking around after dinner looking for coffee when we found it! It is the coolest little place. We had coffee and each bought a book. They have special recession prices on their coffee now until the recession ends, and it was wonderful coffee! It was a night of books. We walked past the Sterling and Beinecke libraries at Yale (2 of 22 libraries on campus!), a used bookstore and coffee shop that I made Nicholas go to before we decided on a dinner place, and Atticus.

That was our expedition downtown. I hope you like the pics and update!

  1. mom on Wednesday 23, 2009

    great pictures of the places you like we can keeget to see Dad loves all of these udates so do I

  2. mom on Wednesday 23, 2009

    I love all of the buildings it makes me want to visit. I hope that matthew and I can visit one day.Thanks for the pictures it helps to feel connected to you.

  3. Matthew on Wednesday 23, 2009

    OMG you took my gargoyle!! j/k that’s awesome. Me and Brit will have to start a blog now lol…nicholas?