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Food and fun

Hello, Nicholas here!  We are kinda settled now. Here is a little update of what we have been up to the past few weeks.

Let’s see… there have been several trips to Ikea. We had lunch there on our last trip: 2 hot dogs, chips and a drink for only $2! We finally found the drawer unit for Keri’s desk, a kitchen island, and some plants. We needed the green around here :)

We can walk to get almost anything we need from our apartment. There are several restaurants and hair salons on Whitney Ave. There is also a Walgreens, and cute deli. Kixie has made lots of little friends at the complex. We also went hiking last Sunday at Sleeping Giant which is just three miles from the house. We took the easy trail and were still sore the next day. Another trip is in the works once the leaves change.

More photos in the post…

We were craving Cancun, so Keri got the stuff we needed to make chicken fajita nachos while grocery shopping.


They were excellent! It was very close to tasting just like Cancun. Here is a pic of Kixie checking out dinner:


Kixie has been pretty good. She disappears to the bedroom and likes to get on our comfy bed. But sometimes she is a good girl and surprises us:

IMG_4109We give here a cookie every time we catch her in here, hopefully she will keep it up.

All of those trips to Ikea result in furniture that must be put together. And Keri’s pretty good at it. Here she is assembling¬†the drawer unit for her office:

IMG_4087And an artsy shot:

IMG_4090This is what I did according to Keri:

IMG_4094See? Hard at work myself :)

I helped with the kitchen island a little.

Bye for now from me and Kix!


  1. mom sue on Monday 21, 2009

    Great pictures food look real good made me want cancun, love how kixie was checking out the food. both of you look real busy